Thursday, March 1, 2012

My journey begins today...

I never used to understand the "coffee mug" phenomenon...until now. Maybe you don't know the phenomenon I refer to - when someone in your home is extremely attached to "their mug." My dad has always been a classic example. He used to call out "Nobody move! I can't find my coffee cup!" on a frequent basis during my growing up days. And it was always the same cup. Now, I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but I have definitely taken to a certain mug in my home. At first my mug choices were more out of necessity. When you dislike the taste of coffee, you do whatever it takes to spare some mugs from the frequent stain of the coffee flavor! But this particular mug has become something else entirely. This mug is more than a coffee-free mug. This mug has become a life-line for me.
Allow me to describe the mug I speak of:
It is of a normal mug size; white on the outside and blue inside; purchased on a family vacation to Mexico, at a sought out Starbucks. But most importantly, the words inscribed on the outside of "my" mug - "MY JOURNEY BEGINS TODAY"
You may be wondering why I am going on about a mug in my Joyfulness blog (especially at 1 am). Well, it is part confession and part inspiration. As I am lying here watching the minutes tick by on the first morning of March, I am looking back and reflecting on February. Keeping up with my monthly resolutions turned out to be easier and more rewarding than I had originally thought. But there is often a downfall when something can seem so this case not putting in as much effort toward daily joy. This past week especially was much less than joyful (partly due to the annoyance of an enduring migraine). When I let my guard down and stopped working toward Joyfulness, I lost the intentionality, and the diligence in choosing Joy.
Which brings me back to my mug. What is so important and special about "my" mug? Every day I use this mug (typically for hot chocolate or tea), I am reminded "MY JOURNEY BEGINS TODAY." No matter what Joy successes or failures were had the week, day, hour, or even minute before filling "my" mug, I can start my Joyfulness encounter fresh because, "MY JOURNEY BEGINS TODAY."