Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good morning 2012

Hello New Year!
For most people, a new year means new resolutions. And, often, I am one of those "most people." But every year I end up feeling like Rachel Green in FRIENDS: "Dear Diary, I'm going to write in you every day...." and then a diary of blank pages!
So what have I decoded to do about this New Year's flaw? Well, I'm beginning an entire project (over-zealous much? I know!). Each month I will be adding some new "resolutions" all toward the same purpose of finding (or creating) more joy on my daily existence. This particular project should last me 6 months. And I didn't include every "resolution" that I considered. But these are the ones that coordinate together and I believe will work toward my overall goal.
So, here are the first 7 "resolutions":
1. Find a creative activity fr the kids each day (eliminating TV take-over)
2. Do for others what I would want for myself
3. Sort out the storage clutter
4. Go to bed earlier
5. Eliminate "correction" in conversation with Chris
6. Read a passage (at least a chapter) of Scriptire every day
7. Put on an attitude of joy every morning
There we go. Month #1 of The Joyfulness Encounter!

"There must be more than this; O Breath of God, come breathe within."
Consuming Fire by Tim Hughes


  1. Breanne I look forward to hearing of your many successes and I hope this will encourage and challenge me to be more joyful even in the less than ideal moments. Thank you for your openness and for allowing others to follow suit :)

  2. I will walk with you Breanne. May God give you grace as you take this on. He is a God who lovingly encourages. He is not a God of guilt, or shame. He is one who will walk with you on the journey you are on and not one who will pick out all your mistakes. I love you so much.