Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mid-January Reflection

Well, it's been a couple weeks since my last blog. And I'd be lying if I said I'd been 100% faithful in keeping up with the January resolutions. So, here are my "mid-month" retrospective thoughts:

1. Find a creative activity for the kids each day (eliminating TV take-over)
This has not actually been nearly as difficult as I first imagined it to be. There was a week we visited Florida wither my parents, and that was easy to get out and do things other than watching TV. Then the week following our vacation was less successful, as a result of returning home circumstances...
But on the whole, when my mind is put to it, I don't find it that trying to find something interesting for us to do. And it has been a big help in eliminating the "all-day-TV" dilemma I had been facing in 2011! I look forward to more creativity as Selah grows up and can join in our activities!
2. Do for others what I would want for myself
Wow - I nearly forgot all about this one! But, in saying that, I remember my motivation for this resolution was to do something about feeling "lonely" or "disconnected" during the week. And in light of this purpose, I have actually been somewhat successful, making an effort to invite people over, or offer my assistance to others, etc.Again - it's about being purposeful and stepping out of the "laziness" cycle!
3. Sort out the storage clutter
Haven't even attempted this one...
4. Go to bed earlier
Yikes! My intentions have been good - but as we all know, good intentions do not mean anything in the end! So, regardless of my next month resolutions, this one will be a continued attempt to create a daily habit :)
5. Eliminate "correction" in conversation with Chris
For women (and mothers), especially, it is so easy for us to "correct" our husbands in conversation. And this is a habit that is not only annoying, but disrespectful to the man Chris is, let alone the head of our home! So, I have been keeping this as a forethought in my day and I've noticed it's made a big difference! Not that I have completely eliminated the bad habit! But the resolution is about awareness as much as elimination. Now that I think about it so often, I am aware when it happens and I must keep myself in check, humbling myself to apologize for the tone, regardless of the truth in what I may have said! It's about humility, people!!!
6. Read a passage (at least a chapter) of Scripture every day
This one went to the back-burner again! While I happened upon a scripture here or there through conversation, or facebook, or email, there was very little intentionality in my own disciplined reading. With 10 days left, I need a revolution in this resolution!!! In fact, I'm going to go do some reading right now!!!
7. Put on an attitude of joy every morning - or, in my case...many times throughout my day :)

Thanks again for reading :)
I have had some definite truth realizations already through the project that I am excited to share in the very near future! In closing, I leave you with this verse that has been a Word right to my heart this past week:

"Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose." Phil. 2:12-13 (emphasis added)

p.s. in addition to my monthly resolutions, I feel the need to acknowledge the work of God in each day, through daily joy, He provides. Therefore, I will be adding a "Grateful Joy" moment at the end of each post - something that I am grateful for through this process - a moment, a success, a shining glimpse of the Joy of the Lord, etc.

Grateful Joy:
God is providing for my very basic needs by giving me sleep. Selah has been moved back to Kaidyn's room, and after a few rough nights, is now settled in and sleeping through with only one additional early morning feeding! It is a small thing, but I am praising God for small victories and simple joys!


  1. I have been failing - miserably - at putting God's word in it's rightful place. Through a link to an article about how Facebook is making us miserable, I was convicted to not go to my computer and look at all of my online stuff until I've read the Bible FIRST that day. It is a habit I want to practice until it is just second nature. Praise God that HE is making us new creations!

  2. I love it, Bre! Very honest and humble. And also encouragement to the rest of us to keep up with our resolutions! Yay Happiness Project!